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About Membership

Our all volunteer club is limited to adults over 21, but you don't have to be a skier to join. Many of our members stay in the club long after they retire from skiing, to maintain the friendships they've developed over the years and to take part in the social aspects of the Club. And since we're all volunteers, the Club is what we decide to make it. The event ideas come from the members.

Ski trip destinations are chosen from surveys of the membership. We go where you want to go, and at prices even the Internet finds hard to beat. Plus, our affiliation with the ski councils like Milwaukee (MMSC) and Chicago (CMSC), and the National Ski Federation, gives us access to even more great trips, events, and benefits.

We offer yearly memberships for Singles and Couples as well as a $10 single & $15 couple Summer Only membership if you want a chance to sample what we have to offer.

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